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Angel Emfrbl·10/28/2017

Kiroma337 wrote:The reasons I don't like Miku are as follows:

1: Her voice is generic and unappealing. It sounds like any Japanese anime girl to me. It's also too high pitched for me, as I prefer deeper vocals.

2: Her design looks dull to me. I don't know why, but she doesn't look very interesting.

3: She sings way too many songs in my opinion, especially when the song would fit another VOCALOID better.

4: Crypton puts nearly all their time and attention onto her, leaving some of their other VOCALOIDs such as MEIKO and KAITO over-looked. This could lead to them becoming unusable.

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I know most of these points were already stated, but I just wanted to put my opinion out there.

Don't sue

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  1. Actually, it stood out for some time and honestly... If you want "generic" your looking at Vocaloids like Meiko, Anon & Kanon and Gumi, as these vocals have the most vocals that either match or fall within their ranges and are considered "everyday vocals" or too many Vocaloids/voicebanks were produced near to their ranges or tones.

    As it stands, Miku pretty much stands out in her original voicebank even against other higher pitched vocals. This was on purpose as she was voice acted. To put it bluntly, you picked the wrong Vocaloid to call "generic".

  2. I've noticed over time they've lighted her design, but for me a lot of it was that she has a lot of tropes like "schoolgirl" and "pigtails" that are popular in anime and manga. BAre in mind, she wasn't intended to be a instant seller so the fault isn't hers with the design. The main issue is that her original design had a lot of grey. In colour theory, black is a killer, it kills colours faster and harder then white does and is frather flat. Black is better used for making other colours stand out. Dark greys risk doing the same, which is why I believe they've lightened both her design and the Kagamines, as well as Luka's. To me, the appeal of the design has lost a lot because its always in our face. I have not gone a day of being a Vocaloid fan without seeing Miku *somewhere*. In short, I've seen her everyday since later 2009... That's nearly 8 years of seeing the same design. To me it seems the problem isn't her dull design, its that she got lumbered with the design that made her popular in the first place and has had to have variations on it ever since.
  3. Can't fault popularity or producer's for overusing her. Popularity breeds popularity, so we all have to just give up here on her overuse. Supporting the use of alternative Vocaloids is better then cribbing on her being used too much.
  4. Meiko and Kaito aren't their Vocaloids, you should read their history. Their Vocaloids are Miku, Luka and the Kagamines. But yes, it is notable that after Luka V4x they worked on the Kagamines - and Miku too. So Miku had much longer development then the Kagamines and ended up being the best V4x for this reason. People wanna treat Meiko and Kaito the same as members of the CV series, but their not... Even to the point, the CV were originally voice acted and Meiko/Kaito were the professional vocals, so they aren't the same and even CFM does not treat them the same. If you read on their V3 versions, they did not process their samples like they did with the CV series and aside matching their tones to their V1 counterparts, they did nothing to dampen them. The V3 version was basically because V1 was being retired and this put them on priority to be updated. O.O

Edit:@, I am someone who dislikes Miku, and some fans don't believe I'm a true fan of Vocaloid for that reason. I've kinda done more for the Vocaloid spread of love then the majority of fans have done... In that I helped in the wikias early days bring it to what it is now, and that I overhauled the Wikipedia page... I haven't witnessed in a while, but... I did in the past and its kinda... Strange to me as I've always seen it as more important to love Vocaloid then a Vocaloid.

They did nothing for the 10th Anniversary of Kaito and Meiko? As in response to the list above to another, these two aren't theirs to begin with and they have merely taken over part of their handling since V1 as the pair got popular and CFM were originally their sellers. Also...CFM did run events for both. There was a Kaito 10th anniversary AND a Meiko event. Look up "Glorious Blue" and "elegant record", both were albumns for the pair in celebration of their 10th.

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They were updated to V3 because of V1's retirement and were originally set for a v2 release but CFM failed to meet the deadline of V2. The same thing happened to Luka Append, Luka V3 and Kagamine V3... Vocaloid deadlines do not wait for CFM as they are not the only company around. They were, however, actually a priority for CFM as CFM makes some money from use of their image in their merchandise. There are far more Vocaloids who have not had these twos coverage. Say what you will, but I don't see whats wrong here with the pairs coverage. Its the V4 era that's a mess for CFM, not V2 or V3. And in due respects, Meiko has more capabilities in XSY then Luka has (if you take away EVEC), as well as either Kagamines, while Kaito ties with them.

I do not blame them for over hyping Miku's 10th, as in terms of money her name is worth a lot to them. It earns far more then all vocals they sell and is the single most important voice to Vocaloid... A fact I do not like to write down here... But we wouldn't be here without Miku... ¬_¬

As for CV04, again CFM is faced with deadlines of engine versions and is now stuck in a loop since 2009 of releasing the same vocals over and over. They cannot focus on new projects, because the pressure to meet demands is causing them to focus on the vocals they have and keep updating. Why does Miku have a V3 and V4? The same reason Gumi has, to make sure she doesn't loose her position in Vocaloid. Why does Miku bother with English and Chinese? To put herself into two new markets. CFM can't break out of the loop, they really are stuck in it and their victims of their own success with Miku. Fans EXPECT so much from them and her. Its the same problem that companies like Nintendo face with video games. Also, remember, CV04 wasn't part of the original plan, there was only a CV01 to CV03. They were going to move on after them. This is why CV04 wouldn't be a priority.

As for the Kagamines, they were not that successful at first, have a much smaller fanbase and less demand. From a Kagamine POV, they are indeed appearing to be under valued, but from a business POV, they just aren't the money maker Miku is. Thinkof it this way, Pokémon's Pikachu is one of the most hated Pokémon in the game for it's over popularity, yet it has the most merchandise. Why? Because as well as the most hatred, it has the most support and love. Produce merch for all Pokémon nd Pikachu will sell the fastest and most in Japan and even outside to a degree. How well would a Dunsparce toy sell compare to a Pikachu one afterall?

As for the circle of producers, its not so simple. Many producers early on had a selection of just 3 vocals to choose from; Miku, Rin and Len. Meiko and Kaito were old tech, forgotten and too difficult to use and unsupported for the most part. So most Vocaloid producers only had these 3 to side with and the Kagamines were a lemon release. Therefore Miku became known for her ease of use, compared to the Kagamines. In 2008 when Gackpoid was released, we had a new vocaloid... But... He was also hard to use. We then get Luka in 2009, who was easier to use and Gumi as well as the ah software trio. Out of all these vocals, Luka was the only one who was good, in fact she was better then Miku. But the hype had died in 2 years and many producers moved on. Producers did so either because they couldn't make it happen for them, or because they moved onto other things. Vocaloid became a footstep for many young producers to entre professional music after all. Unlike the overseas, the majority of producers had at least a good standard of music knowledge and thus thousands of songs were made in the first 2 years. Remember, they had LIMITED vocals to choose from and they always fell back to Miku because every other vocaloid was tougher to use. We didn't see V2 HQ vocals until late V2, with Iroha, the Appends and the VY's. All other V2's were MQ at best.

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Before you talk about topics, leave bias opinions at the door and please research the topic. I do not like Miku, but I know enough to talk serious about her (even though not everything I wanted to know). Hating her is fine, your entitled to your opinion... But... Opinions work best when their based on facts and your opinions basically are based on anger instead. Even though I do not always get it right and have my opinions, mine come from looking at Vocaloid facts almost every day since 2009 and it helps somewhat understand the situation. I hate the way English vocaloid was treated prior to V4, the way the Spanish vocaloids have gone... That Korean is also struggling. But at the same time, as I said we wouldn't be here for Miku. Its a grudge any good fan has to bare if they do not like her, as not enough songs of vocaloids we like are done at times. But being angry and hating her for things that aren't her fault, don't help. Instead focus on Vocaloids you like and not the one vocaloid you dislike.

I still dream of a Miriam update... To me, the V3 Kaito and Meiko update were a lucky break for them. There are far worst situations within Vocaloid then the one CFM presents by its focus of Miku mostly.:-/


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